Flexible PVC pipes and tubes
  We make various tubes and pipes from flexible / soft PVC based on your requirement. No matter what your application, we can make them from size 1 mm to 90 mm. Choice of various parameters that we offer
  • Size / thickness
  • Colour
  • Operating  Temperature from 70 degrees to 150 degrees
  • Medical / food / industrial grade
  • Critical or flexible tolerances
  • Hardness from  70 shore A to 100 Shore A
  • All tubes are RoHS compliant
  • REACH compliant are made to order
Microtube / extension tube for Drip / micro irrigation
  • Extension tubes for drippers, made from soft PVC or PE – from 2.5 mm to 5 mm inner diameter
  • Extension tubes for mini sprinklers – 8 to 13 mm inner diameter and working pressure of 4 to 6 Kg /cm 2
  • Micro tubes from PE from 1.0 mm to 2.5 mm – for high water flow plants
  • Fittings for micro irrigation – Grommet, Tee, Take off, Jointer, End plug, etc
Medical Grade and Food Grade Tubes
  • RoHS compliant food grade and medical grade tubes
  • Oxygen tube
  • Nasal Tube
  • Neo Natal tube
  • IV set tubes
  • Milking tubes for dairy equipment
Electrical Sleeves
  • Non shrinkable PVC sleeves used by most electrical panel manufacturers, electrical and electronic product companies, etc.
  • Standard colours of Red, Yellow, Blue Green and Black are in stock as per the table given below
  • All our sleeves are RoHS compliant
  • Marking sleeves, high temperature sleeves, Abrasion resistant sleeves, sleeves that are of custom thickness and similar to IS standards, etc are be made on request.
  • Sleeves that can have an operating temperature of upto 110 degree C
Rigid PVC Transparent Tube – Packing
  • Packing tubes made of transparent rigid PVC, for use in packing industrial products like drill and milling machine bits, ball bearings, small pulleys, etc
  • Size is custom made and from 15 mm to 50 mm
  • Outer or inner fitting end caps can be made as required.
  • If you already have end caps, we can use them and ensure proper fitment of the tube wiht the caps
PVC tubes for rollers and industrial conveyors 
  • Special grade soft PVC tubes from 15 mm to 75 mm diameter, for conveyors and industrial equipment
  • Also available in higher operating temperature – upto 150 degrees
PE tubes for hand wash, mouth wash and tubes of other medical / pharmaceutical products
  • LDPE natural tubes for fitting into pumps of hand wash, face wash, mouth wash, etc
  • Food grade / medical grade
  • One side or both side - cross cut, V cut, straight cut
  • Size starts from 0.8 mm inside diameter and fitting of tube as per your plug
Sleeves for Wire Healds
  • Anti static sleeves for wire healds – of PVC and PE
  • Standard sizes are from 1.5 mm to 2.3 mm, however all sizes can be made per orders
  • Standard colours – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange. However various other colours like brown, white and black can also be supplied
  • Although most sleeves are round for the wire heald  or spring, flat sleeves for use over flat strips are also supplied against custom order
Garden Pipe – Heavy duty
  • Heavy duty and sturdy garden or watering pipe for long term outdoor use
  • We do not make standard commercial grade watering pipe which lasts only a few months.
  • Instead this heavy duty pipe, ideal for long life and even for construction sites which has heavy vehicle movement.
  • UV stabilizers to make sure that pipe lasts a long time even when left in the open
  • No fungus or algae build up inside the pipe
  • Available in ½”, ¾” and 1”
  • ½” and ¾” pipes have lines on the surface for better grip
PP and HDPE Tubes for Medical, pharmaceutical, Electrical industry
  • Custom made tubes of PP and PE  for use in specific areas like vaccines, sutures and nasal spray
  • Food grade / medical grade material
  • PE tubes for spiral sleeves / spiral tubes used in control panels
  • Choice of various hardness / flexibility
Custom made tubes of various plastics
  • Tubes and pipes of various plastics as per your drawing, application or sample
  • Size can be from 0.8 mm to 90 mm, in varying thickness, for custom applications.
  • Commercial and engineering plastics like flexible PVC, Rigid PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PU, ABS, Nylon, Delrin, etc
  • Special properties like Fire Retardant (UL94 HB to V0), finish, etc can be made as per your requirement
Solid Cord / Gasket of various plastics
  • Precision cords / gaskets for acrylic sheet casting
  • Binding cord of 1 mm with extra elasticity
  • Soft material cords which can be clamp tightened
  • Machinery, engineering applications of cords made from
Custom made profiles of various plastics
  • Profiles and shapes of various plastics as per your drawing, application or sample
  • Standard profiles are – T Profiles for furniture, Sealing profile for control panels, U profiles for control panels and electrical applications, L profile of high temperature for CT/VT , Please contact us with your drawing or sample to know if we already have tools for your requirement
  • Size can be from 5 mm to 50 mm, in varying thickness, for custom applications.
  • Solid and Hollow profiles.
  • Commercial and engineering plastics like flexible PVC, Rigid PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PU, ABS, Nylon, Delrin, etc
  • Special properties like Fire Retardant (UL94 HB to V0), finish, etc can be made as per your requirement
Injection Moulded Parts
  • Injection Moulded parts for prototype run or commercial run, from most plastics.
  • High precision components, along with fitting with matching part
  • Multiple plastics and materials finished components – like assembly of plastic and metals, insert moulding, etc
Prototype Development
  • We undertake prototype development using low cost injection moulds, assembly of parts, etc to see if the final component will perform as per your design
  • If the material, dimensions are not known, we can help design this based on your application.
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